Renegotiating a New Normal after Deployment

Wrap Up: Summary

Commit time and energy toward renegotiating your new normal.

Renegotiating a new normal does not happen automatically. It is a process that requires commitment, time, and energy. You may not need to renegotiate every consideration mentioned in this lesson, but it is important for you to evaluate your personal situation, communicate with those you came home to, and develop and implement a plan for your new normal. Having strong communication and a plan for what needs to be renegotiated are keys to moving through the reintegration phase smoothly and with the full support of those around you. Now that you’ve completed this lesson you should be able to:

  • Identify areas that need to be addressed when renegotiating a new normal after deployment,
  • Identify resources available to support the reintegration process and,
  • Apply strategies to prioritize needs after deployment.

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