Renegotiating a New Normal after Deployment

Get Started: Overview

Renegotiate a new normal after deployment to address changes that occurred.

Before you left for deployment, you considered all the aspects, from legal and financial considerations to preparing your family and working issues with your job. Now you are back and many changes have occurred. Whether you are a first-time deployer, an experienced deployer, a spouse, partner, family member or friend, renegotiating your new normal touches on a number of different issues and topics, such as legal matters, finances, employment, daily life, and parenting. To see a full list of the topics to be covered in this lesson, select the Resources tab and download the handout New Normal To-Do List. You can refer to this throughout the lesson and mark any areas you need to come back to or want to prioritize. By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Identify areas that need to be addressed when renegotiating a new normal after deployment,
  • Identify resources available to support the reintegration process and,
  • Apply strategies to prioritize needs after deployment.