Navigating Military Life: Honors, Customs, and Ceremonies

Wrap Up: Summary

Use your knowledge of respectful military norms in your everyday life.

Many of the customs and respectful behaviors that you have learned for military ceremonies will also apply to civilian life. It is common to hear the National Anthem or attend events with the American flag present. Being aware of the etiquette involved in the salute, the flag, bugle calls, and military ceremonies can enrich your knowledge of military life and help you have a more thorough understanding of the events happening around you. This lesson covered many of the common military ceremonies, but you may encounter others that were not discussed here. You can do individual research or use the general etiquette and standards of respect that you have learned for other military ceremonies. Now that you’ve completed this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Recall appropriate protocol for the American flag and the National Anthem, and
  • Identify common military honors, customs, and ceremonies.

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