The Emotional Cycle During Deployment

Wrap Up: Summary

Understanding the stages of the Emotional Cycle of Deployment is a positive and productive means of coping.

There are many resources available to help with all stages of deployment. Select the Resources tab to download the handout, Deployment Resources, and learn more. There is also a complete list of resources on the YRRP website. It is the last reference listed on the handout. Also remember to keep your Emotional Cycle of Deployment resource handy. It will serve as a frequent reminder of the feelings you and others share, and of the successful coping strategies that will help you through this challenging time. Now that you have completed this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Identify the seven stages of the emotional cycle of deployment,
  • Recall characteristics of the during deployment stages, and
  • Apply strategies to manage the emotional cycle during deployment.

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