Section Three: DEERS Locations and Resources

There are many DEERS locations, and you may want to find the one closest to you.

DEERS locations are commonly referred to as RAPIDS or Real-time Automated Personnel Identification System sites. It is the hardware, software and communications equipment used to update DEERS and issue military ID cards. DEERS/RAPIDS locations can be found worldwide on Active Duty installations, National Guard armories, and Reserve centers. You can receive or update your ID card at any location, regardless of branch of service. To find the nearest DEERS/RAPIDS locations, visit and search by your zip code, city, state, etc. through the RAPIDS Site Locator.

There are many online resources for DEERS, such as the milConnect website.

The milConnect website was created and is maintained by the DEERS division of the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC). It allows you to view and update your DEERS records with 24/7 access. There are resources on the site that answer questions about health care, TRICARE, dental care, military personnel, military transitions, SGLI, and more. You can also transfer educational benefits within family members on the website. If you are required to keep your Civilian Employment Information (CEI) updated, you are able to do so here. All uniformed Service Members, retirees, spouses, and eligible members 18 and over may log in, as well as those that have a Common Access Card (CAC). Roll your mouse over the image to the right to explore some of the top reasons to visit milConnect at