Section Two: DEERS Enrollment

Eligibility and documentation are necessary for completing DEERS enrollment.

There are multiple family members that are defined as dependents for the purposes of DEERS enrollment, and you should recognize how the members of your family are eligible. Such dependents are spouses, children, step-children, wards, pre-adoptive children, foster children, survivors, dependent parents or step-parents, or former spouses who have never remarried. Select the Resources tab to download the handout, DEERS Application, for a better understanding of the enrollment application. Roll your mouse over the image to the right to learn more about dependents.

There are many different types of acceptable documentation for enrollment.

Service Members and their families should have two documents present at the time of receiving their ID cards. At least one of the documents must be an unexpired photo ID. The other acceptable documents are listed in the handout, DEERS: Updating, Enrolling, and milConnect. The DD Form 1172-2 is the Application for Uniformed Services Identification Card and DEERS Enrollment. This is the required form in order to apply for ID cards and/or DEERS enrollment. It must be signed by the Commander and the Service Member. However, if the Service Member is not present, a family member must have a signed DD Form 1172-2, signed within 90 days of use, or a Power of Attorney (POA) from the Service Member.