Section One: Understanding DEERS

To understand the importance of DEERS, first understand what DEERS is.

DEERS is the definitive source of identity for the Department of Defense (DoD), as well as the authoritative source for TRICARE, Direct Care eligibility and enrollment, commissary, MWR and exchange eligibility, and ID card eligibility for Service Members and their families. It creates military identification (ID) cards that provide military benefits. In order for family members to receive such benefits, they must be enrolled in the DEERS database. Select the Resources tab to download the handout, DEERS: Updating, Enrolling, and milConnect, to learn how to verify and update your information, as well as prepare for enrollment.

DEERS is important for establishing eligibility for many benefits and programs.

DEERS does more than just provide Service Members and their families with military ID cards to access things like the commissary and military exchange. It is also the database that establishes eligibility for medical and dental benefits, educational benefits, life insurance, and morale, welfare and recreation. It is the national database for TRICARE as well. Therefore, it is essential that all of the information entered into the DEERS system is accurate and current to avoid denial of any benefits and entitlements. It is imperative that the DEERS database remains updated.