Connecting to Other Military Families

Section Three: Maintaining Connections

One way to maintain connections is to visit Military Families Connect (MFC) in your local area.

One way to stay connected is to visit one of the Military Families Connect (MFC) locations in your local area. The MFC holds monthly meetings set up for military families. Usually a meal is involved where military families can exchange information, participate in activities, and listen to guest speakers. Children are welcome, and activities are available for them, and the cost is free! Check if there are any planned activities in the unit or in your community. Some of the activities for military families include package mailings to deployed troops, scrapbooking nights, ice cream socials, managing the deployment cycle, card making for veterans, picnics in the park, military kids night, and holiday dinners. Roll your mouse over the image to the right to learn more about MFC.

There are strategies that are especially helpful for families with children.

You can also connect with Operation Military Kids (OMK). OMK’s goal is to connect military children and youth impacted by the military. OMK helps kids meet other youth who are also experiencing deployment and includes a range of recreational, social, and educational programs. OMK also helps youth build leadership, organizational, and technical skills by participating in the Speak Out Military Kids program or Mobile Technology Lab programs. OMK can assist youth with school and can provide single-day, weekend, or even longer residential camps. Check out the OMK website to learn more

It is important to think about how you will maintain the connections you have made.

You and your family should decide which strategies are best for you to keep your connections healthy and alive during deployment. Take a minute to think about how you currently maintain your connections and consider additional strategies as you work to maintain your connections to other military families.