Connecting to Other Military Families

Section One: Types of Connections

Many networks start with individual connections.

Everyone has a source for meeting people and building relationships. This is the essence of a network. Individual connections are important because they offer support through friendship, and you can share information with someone else, helping you to feel less alone. Roll your mouse over the image to the right to learn some ways to connect.

Individual connections can also lead to group connections.

We join groups because it is natural to feel the need to belong or be a part of something, and it provides the opportunity to work with others, reduce uncertainty about ourselves, and better understand our place in the world. Take a minute to think about the opportunities you have found to connect with groups that have helped you cope with deployment. Also take time to think about what motivated you to join the groups you have. For example, did you like the personality of the leaders, the number and types of families involved, or the available resources provided by being associated with the group?

The network is the culmination of your individual and group connections.

What opportunities have you had to connect with individuals and groups within your network? What motivated you to connect? Have these connections provided support for you so far? Roll your mouse over the image to the right to explore some reasons why people form networks. Then, select the Resources Tab to download the handout, Connecting to Other Military Families, and complete the worksheet.