Acing the Interview

Wrap Up: Summary

To land the job, apply best practices during your interview and set yourself apart.

To achieve the ultimate goal of landing the job, it is necessary to follow all of the steps for preparing and applying best practices before, during, and after the interview. It is important that you remember that interviewing is more than an hour-long activity because it requires work prior to and post interview. Understanding all of the steps to acing the interview can help you be the candidate that stands out and wins the position. Select the Resources tab to download the handout, Interview Questions and Resources, and explore the most common questions asked in an interview, as well as resources to help you prepare. Now that you’ve completed this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Identify types of interviews,
  • Recall best practices for preparing for an interview, and
  • Apply best practices for participating in an interview.

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