BBBS of NYC Alumni Program

Big Brother Big Sisters of NYC has an Education Initiative to support Little’s educational goals no matter their age.

The education initiative partners with the Alumni Program to provide programming throughout the year for former Little’s to attend. It follows up with Littles in college to ensure their success while in school. As a Big in the Alumni Program, you will help relay the message of their success and support so they can take full advantage of the opportunities available. During this program and throughout this initiative, you will no longer have an assigned Program Manager to turn to. Instead, you will have an Alumni Coordinator who will inform you of new resources and opportunities. Roll your mouse over the image to the right to learn more about the Education Initiative. Then, select the Resources tab to download educational resources appropriate for your Little’s age group.

Maintaining the relationship with your Little is an important part of the Alumni Program.

In order to ensure that your match success continues, the Alumni Program encourages you to maintain a relationship with your former Little. This long-term relationship will help them succeed and shape their lives. Keep up with communication through email, text messages, or phone calls to schedule times to check in and catch up. You can even use social media to keep in contact with your Little, but please reference the social media guidelines and be mindful of your role as a mentor and role model. Try to fully understand how this new relationship is affecting your Little and the life changes he or she is going through in this new situation. Then you will be able to connect your Little to the appropriate resources that suit his or her needs. Select the Resources tab to download the handout, Alumni Program FAQs, to answer any questions you may have, or contact Jordan Barham, Alumni Coordinator, at