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This lesson has defined the operational responsibilities of an executive director, from human resources to financial management. You have also been exposed to tips and tools to help you grow as an effective leader. You should now be able to recall your leadership style and apply your knowledge to successfully lead your nonprofit. Remember whether you are directing a board, chairing a committee, managing a team, or coordinating a project, the goal is always the same — to lead effectively. Thank you for taking the time to complete this e-learning lesson on Leading a Nonprofit Organization.

Leading a nonprofit requires knowledge of the operational responsibilities as well as leadership skills.

Leading a nonprofit organization can be a complex task. In addition to establishing and supporting the vision of the organization, executive directors juggle many responsibilities including recruiting and supervising office staff, maintaining a productive relationship with the board of directors, creating a fundraising plan that will ensure sustainability, and managing organizational finances. Successfully orchestrating these tasks requires an executive director to focus on his or her leadership skills.

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