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Why Partner?

Why Partner

Welcome to the Prison Fellowship International tutorial, Why Partner. This tutorial will introduce you to PFI’s Children of Prisoners Partnership. This partnership is aimed to increase the impact of the global association to meet the needs of children of prisoners. The overall goal of the Partnership is to support children of prisoners to break free from the cycle of crime. The Children of Prisoners Partnership will allow PFI to focus global attention on, and raise funds to support this goal. The Partnership seeks to bring PFI and national ministries together to work on increasing the quality and scale of ministry to children. Together, through the Partnership, PFI and national ministries can serve a greater number of children of prisoners and have a positive impact in their lives.

Partnerships will be established using a Memorandum of Understanding to create a relationship between PFI and selected national ministries. This relationship will be guided by specific standards and processes. Standards are the minimum requirements that must be met to ensure programmes are effective and sustainable and that donors are engaged long-term. PFI will provide partner national ministries with capacity building, training, technical assistance, and financial support. The Partnership and support from PFI will help national ministries develop effective and sustainable children’s programmes, serve a greater number of children of prisoners, and open doors to increased ministry with prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families.

The first goal of the partnership is to ensure national ministries are delivering effective children’s ministries. PFI intends to accomplish this goal by focusing the children of prisoners’ ministry on four main areas: safety, health, education, and resiliency of spirit. National ministries can strengthen their existing programmes by adding activities in the four areas. National ministries will determine which activities to include in their programme based on the unique needs of children of prisoners in their country.

The second goal of the Partnership is to ensure national ministries’ programmes are sustainable long term. For this reason, the Partnership includes a strategy to generate revenue through different financing strategies. PFI will support the Children of Prisoners Partnership and national ministry programmes by creating an international donor base and securing regular monthly gifts.

National ministries may contribute local financial resources to their children’s programmes as well. The amount and distribution of PFI funds and any local revenue sources will be defined during a collaborative Annual Plan and Budget process. Through these forms of funding, national ministries will be able to expand their children of prisoners programme and impact the lives of more children and families.

The Children of Prisoners Partnership provides many opportunities for PFI and national ministries to empower children of prisoners to break the cycle of crime. Ecclesiastes states that “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: if either of them falls down, one can help the other up.” By working together, PFI and national ministries can focus their efforts on strengthening and growing children of prisoners’ programmes to better serve all children affected by their parents’ incarceration.

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