Training Style Strengths and Limitations

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Coaching style is concerned with people and content.

Coaching strengths include:

  • Supports the individual in the process
  • Motivates and encourages
  • Leads participants in the right direction
  • Has sincere enthusiasm and positive attitude
  • Easily encourages participation
  • Provides reinforcement naturally

Coaching limitations include:

  • May not bring closure to topics or sections
  • May become the resource rather than the material that is taught
  • May not be strong on content details
  • May lack respect or credibility

Guiding style is concerned with task and process.

Guiding strengths include:

  • States clear expectations and boundaries
  • Respects participants’ active role in learning
  • May be more appropriate for hard skills
  • Creates ground rules to hold difficult participants accountable
  • Gives systematic presentation and uses logical approach

Guiding limitations include:

  • May not be appropriate for soft skills
  • May be less flexible during the training
  • May not be aware of lagging interest or other dynamics
  • Less adaptable when mechanicals malfunction

Facilitating style is concerned with people and process.

Facilitating strengths include:

  • Encourages active participation
  • Has good listening skills
  • Tries to operate on an equal level with participants
  • Encourages interaction
  • Embodies principles of adult learning
  • Draws on and validates experiences

Facilitating limitations include:

  • May be less focused on content and too focused on discussion
  • May have a short attention span
  • May not be good with logistics
  • May lose control
  • May lose track of time

Presenting style

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Presenting strengths include:

  • Delivers interesting trainings
  • Enjoys being in front of a group
  • Is a positive influence
  • Is organized and in control
  • Is comfortable giving information
  • Engages the group and thinks on his or her feet

Presenting limitations include:

  • May not enable or allow participants’ self-discovery
  • May have to deal with own ego
  • May be manipulative or dominating
  • May be too structured

Putting Style into Practice

Now that you know about each style’s strengths and limitations, try putting style into practice. Click here and print and complete the worksheet to start developing your style now!