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The Mentorship Training Series makes your life easier.

The Mentorship Training Series aims to be interactive and engaging, helping program staff take advantage of a variety of platforms and venues to help appeal to various learning styles. The training series also provides a comprehensive look at the ChalleNGe Program’s mentoring component and what it entails for youth participants, parents or guardians of youth participants, and potential mentors. Most importantly, the Mentorship Training Series is informative, helping Post-Residential staff to communicate basic information and answer common questions that arise during the course of preparing cadets and mentors to engage in rewarding relationships.

Access training at www.ngycp.org.

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Accessing training

To access the mentorship training series, you will need an NCI online account. If you don’t already have an NCI Online account, visit www.ngycp.org and request an account at the upper right side of the page.