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Welcome to the National Challenge Institute e-learning lesson on Leveraging Data Using Technology. At the end of this lesson, you will be able to explain the various methods for using data in a recruitment approach, list the forms of technology that assist in the manipulation of data, and apply methods for leveraging data using technology in a recruitment approach.

Use a data-driven approach to attract and retain quality candidates.

The use of data and technology in recruiting can significantly impact a program’s ability to get the results it needs. In this lesson, you will explore the ways that you can use data in your recruitment approach, as well as various technology options that will help you find and manipulate nationwide, statewide, and program‐specific data. You’ll be able to enhance recruitment efforts and assist in setting and refining recruitment goals.

The goal of understanding and interpreting data in recruitment is to help you connect with target audiences, identify gaps in efforts, and ultimately attract and retain quality candidates. Gathering the right data is the first step to further understanding and anticipating the preferences of your target audiences, which can help in identifying the “formula” to future recruitment success.

Gather data that is consistent, reliable, and accurate.

In the course of organizing data to find emerging trends, be certain to align the information gathered with the needs of your recruitment plan. The value of analytics is rooted in collecting data with integrity. Data should be collected and maintained in a way that guarantees consistency, reliability, timeliness and accuracy.