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Welcome to the National Challenge Institute e-learning lesson on building a sustainable network. This lesson will emphasize the value of maintaining relationships with your target audiences by focusing on methods for staying connected, providing incentives, and organizing and tracking contacts.

This lesson will help you understand the importance of relationship management.

Once you have successfully communicated your message and attracted the interest of a target audience, you should work to sustain that relationship over time. The more sustainable your network, the more candidate referrals your program may obtain. In this lesson, you will study tactics to build a sustainable network and stay connected to target audiences. You will also explore methods to maintain and organize contact information to track communications and outreach efforts.

Maintaining a strong relationship with your audience is fundamental to building a sustainable network.

Maintaining productive relationships with your target audiences is critical to the sustainability of your network. As organizations begin recruiting, they tend to place an increased emphasis on creating new relationships. As a result, they place less importance on sustaining the relationships they have already built. By emphasizing the importance of relationship maintenance, you can equip yourself with the skills to build a sustainable network.