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Welcome to the National Challenge Institute e-learning lesson on Application and Selection. The application and selection process is critical to the overall success of your ChalleNGe program’s recruiting efforts. A well-constructed application coupled with a structured selection process helps your program identify the candidates most likely to succeed in ChalleNGe. Since the application is often the first contact a program has with a potential cadet it is important to makes sure it is a thoughtful element of your recruitment process. Throughout this lesson, you will receive tips and strategies on how to structure your application and selection process to contribute to an effective recruiting effort. By the end of this lesson you will be able to: recall strategies for executing an application process, recall strategies for executing a screening process, and apply selection strategies for finding quality applicants.

The application and selection stages provide the framework through which successful candidates are found.

The application stage in recruitment is designed to provide the most complete picture of applicants so your program can select the best candidates. Some programs may not have an opportunity to personally interact with the candidate until orientation, which places great importance on the contents of a potential cadet’s application. Further, programs that rely on controlled, structured, and repeatable screening processes in their recruitment efforts have a clear understanding of the cadets that best fit the program and enjoy more consistent, high‐quality results. Application and selection practices set the stage for the success of your recruiting efforts and can have a high degree of influence on one of the key measurements of programmatic success: number of graduates.

The goal during the application and selection phase is to be efficient and effective.

Attrition from one program phase to the next is a reality, and every program has an application and selection process that deals with this reality. The approaches vary widely from program to program and reflect varying degrees of rigor. It is critical to find the point at which efficiency and effectiveness intersect. Efficiency will help manage the burden on recruiting teams by pairing them with a reasonable applicant pool and will also positively impact the programs return on their investment in program operations. Effectiveness is measured by the rate at which applicants are converted into candidates – and, ultimately, successful graduates.