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Natural supports can help an individual or family build protective factors in their life. By building protective factors, we can balance out risk factors. Moving a family’s focus from their deficiencies to their strengths ultimately helps increase resilience. Thank you for taking the time to learn about the importance of natural supports in building resilience.

Families can harness natural supports to build resilience and strength.

By taking advantage of the supports that already exist in their lives, such as peers, community programs, or enjoyable activities, family members can build protective factors that make them more resilient in the face of adverse circumstances.  As a Family Program employee, you can help Guard families recognize and build these supports.

These resources provide more information on natural supports.

  • Natural Supports…They’re All Around You!” This paper, prepared by the California Department of Developmental Services, Services and Supports Section, explains what natural supports are, as well as why they are important.  The paper looks at natural supports in the context of disabled individuals, but the information can be easily adapted for any population.