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Welcome to the National Guard Family Program e-learning lesson, "Engaging Hard to Reach and Vulnerable Families." Many families are unaware of the Family Program offerings and some are resistant to receive help. There are a few skills, tools, techniques, and strategies that can assist you while you reach out to these families. At the end of this lesson, you will be able to identify families less likely to reach out for services, recognize tools to provide effective outreach, and apply motivational strategies with family members who are reluctant to accept support.

Identify the families who are vulnerable, at-risk, and unaware of Family Program offerings.

Family Program is responsible for offering services to all Guard and Reserve components and their families. At times families are not aware of the services they can receive from the Family Program staff. The lesson will address outreach to families who are unaware of the Family Program offerings and to potentially high-risk and vulnerable families.

This lesson provides ideas and strategies for reaching out to families.

This lesson will discuss how to identify families with the highest risk factors and recognize tools and skills to reach out to those who may not otherwise seek out services. It will address effective strategies to motivate the families to accept support.